Who are we?

We are passionate about craft beers.

They are made up of natural ingredients, are preservative free and come in many different flavors. This is limited only by the imagination of creative brewers.

There are more and more opportunities to taste these craft beers in pubs, restaurants and specialty shops, or even buy them with a bottle, but so far there has been no example of being able to take them home fresh, cold, in the most perfect form and enjoy them in your home. the feeling as if they had been tapped there and then.

Thanks to our technology, beer can be put on the table of the most demanding beer lovers in the latest possible form. In our tap houses, we tap cold and foam-free craft beer into recycled PET bottles so that you can enjoy it frothy and fresh in your home, even after multiple openings.

In addition to beer, we are enthusiastic about quality, family businesses and Hungarian products. Therefore, we decided to sell only the products of Hungarian craft and small-scale breweries.

Come to us and try it for yourself!