Finest craft beers of Hungary

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We are passionate about craft beer.

They are made up of natural ingredients, are preservative free and come in many different flavors. This is limited only by the imagination of creative brewers.

Tasting real, preservative free, carefully handled craft beer fresh from the tap is a jaw-dropping experience. We want to provide this experience to as many as possible.

We a​re passionate about quality.

Strictly the best: thanks to our technology, beer can be put on the table of the most demanding beer lovers in the freshest possible way. In our Tap Houses, we tap cold and foam-free craft beer so that you can enjoy it frothy and fresh in your home.

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We are passionate about family breweries. ​


Our real favorites are breweries concealed from public as a hidden treasure, where the brewmaster puts his heart and soul into all his creations. When compiling our offer, we prefer family breweries and sell exclusively the products of Hungarian craft and small-scale breweries.

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